DC Brushless Backward Curved Centrifugal Fan – YFSFD
  • Motor technology: DC
  • Voltage: 24/48 VDC
  • Frequency:
  • Airflow: 150~3,000 m³/h (88~1,766 CFM)
  • Static Pressure:0~700 Pa (0~2.810 in.WG.)
  • Impeller Diameter: 133~400 mm
  • Min.Ambient Temp.: -25 °C
  • Max.Ambient Temp.:60 °C


— Great Efficiency: Permanent magnet without rotor loss and loss of excitation; fractional slot concentrated windings with little copper; air passages optimized by CFD flow field simulation.

Economical Operation: Electronic commutation for reliable operation; stepless variable speed requiring no additional control.

— Easy Commissioning: Integrated motor and control system requiring no adjustments.

Low Vibration: Impeller and motor rotor dynamically balanced, dynamic balance quality grade G2. 5.

Low Sound: Blades optimized with respect to sound leve, optimized pole-slot match and fractional slot concentrated windings to reduce torque ripple.

Key Technology

1. The Highly Efficient INFINAIR EC Motor Conforming to IE4 Standard:

— Exquisite Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) Motor Manufacturing Technology: Featuring detail-oriented design, reliable quality and long service life.

— Permanent Magnet Technology: Free from loss of excitation and rotor loss.

— External Rotor Motor: Compact design and flexible locations

— Reliability and service life controlled by FEA method.

2. INFINAIR Smart Control Technology:

— The 3rd Generation INFINIAIR Electronic Commutation Algorithm: Continuously iterated for constant improvement.

— Greater reliability without position sensors.

— Stepless variable speed and stability ensured by way of sine wave control.

— Powerful Protections: Dual protections with both software and hardware.

— Standard industrial communication interface and flexible signal types.

— Industrial Internet of Things:  allowing remote monitoring for possible faults.

3. Unique INFINAIR Bionic Aerodynamics Technology

— Bionic Energy Conservation: How can nautilus swim around underwater quite easily? How can birds fly thousands of miles with extremely low energy consumption?

— Bionic Sound Reduction: How can owls fly so silently even oblivious to the sound-sensitive mice?

— CFD Simulation and Analysis: To simulate and figure out the aerodynamic impeller model (number of blades, blade angles, width, and curved surface) based on the bionic research outcomes.

— FEA Technology: To analyze and provide an accurate prediction of how a material, component or structure is likely to respond when subjected to structural and/or thermal loads.

— Focus on the whole: Comprehensive system optimization covering impeller, external rotor motor, grill and inlet.

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